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Welcome to the Command Presence Blog!

  • Welcome to the Command Presence Blog!

    Welcome to the new Command Presence blog! This has been a long time in coming, but we’re excited to have this forum to share ideas and talk about the most important aspects of our profession. Regardless of your role in law enforcement, we invite you to read, respond, and share! Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron; so one person sharpens another”. That is what this blog is about. Each of us “sharpening” one another.

    Before we get started, there is a little you should know about us. For starters, we believe that “good is the enemy of great”. We hold firm in the belief that law enforcement officers across North America are doing a good job in very difficult times. However, if we’re satisfied with being good, we become complacent, which impedes us from truly becoming great. Our stated goal at Command Presence is to transform good officers into great ones.

    Secondly, we are committed to the principle of evidence based training. We will certainly offer opinions in this blog (that’s what a blog is for right?) but we commit to you that our opinions are evidence based. When we offer an opinion, we will also provide a resource for that opinion. We don’t know each other yet and we and for this forum to be successful, we must establish trust. We do that through our more than 60 years of combined law enforcement training experience, but also through an intense interest in reading the applicable research.

    Lastly, we adhere to the principle of unconditional respect. We believe professional law enforcement officers see people as people; not as objects. It’s a cornerstone of all we do in our training programs. With that in mind, we will apply the same principles to this blog. While we may disagree on a topic (i.e. is there ever 100% agreement on tactics?), let us disagree in a productive way, for the betterment of our profession.

    For those who already know us, thank you for your support! To those just becoming familiar with us, we say welcome! We look forward to a long relationship with you through this blog.

    Thank you,

    Phil Carlson, John Bostain, and Richard Judy
    Co-owners and Lead Instructors
    Command Presence Training Associates

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