Succession Planning: Continuity for the Infinite Game

The reassignment or unexpected departure of agency members can leave some agencies unprepared. The successor has not been identified or trained up causing a break in the continuity of the organizational mission. Team performance is negatively affected and morale suffers. 

Intentional succession planning provides for continuity in the infinite game of criminal justice. It prepares the agency for the unexpected and ensures smooth transitions in skills, positions, and leadership. 

  • Succession Planning: What it is and what it isn’t. 
  • The Necessary Components of a Succession Plan
  • The Succession Plan as an Extension of and Part of Retention Programs
  • The Role of Mentoring in the Process
  • Career Planning: Who’s Responsibility?
  • Leadership Development: Every Level, Every Person

Appropriate Audience: Administrators, supervisors, recruiters, HR Personnel, Identified Key Personnel.

Class Length: 8 hours. 

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