Rick Taylor is a law enforcement professional who’s committed the last 26 years to serving his community.  He has worked in every division of his agency, at all levels, before attaining his current rank of Assistant Chief of Police.  He spent much of his career on SWAT while teaching multiple high-liability topics for his agency, the local police academy and throughout the Southeast.

As the agency’s hiring manager, he was responsible for recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and training every new employee at his home agency.  In this position, he led and managed process improvements into the recruiting, hiring and background processes which resulted with his agency being fully staffed in today’s challenges.    

 Rick is a FBI National Academy graduate (class 261), Senior Management Institute for Police – PERF graduate and holds a Master of Public Administration from Troy University.  He is also an active member of the Florida Police Chiefs Association while serving on their Training and Standards Board.   

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