Repairing Trust Not Just Windows: Policing WITH the Community

Fixing broken windows isn’t enough! The broken trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities they server must be repaired first. The windows still get fixed, but only through repairing trust with better communication and reengineered strategies to address community concerns and fears. These, while also re-imaging your team members and agency to meet the expectations of the community you serve, is how trust is repaired AND the windows are fixed. 

  • The History of Community Policing
  • Communication and Its Effects on Trust and Rapport
  • The 5 Pillars of Rebuilding Community Trust
  • The Role of Community Policing in Times of Crisis
  • Using Social Media as a Tool in Community Policing
  • Strategies for Establishing Successful Programs

Appropriate Audience: Any agency personnel who interact with the public. Supervisors of those who interact with the public. 

Class Length: 8 hours. 

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