Leading Without Rank for Corrections: For Those Who Aren’t the Boss

Working in Corrections is one of the most challenging professions in the world. A profession where leadership can mean the difference between life and death. Leadership is NOT just for those with formal rank. In fact, come of the best leaders in Corrections are the frontline workers.

Leading Without Rank was developed with just those people in mind. This course will provide practical strategies that can be integrated into everyday life to improve individual and organizational activities.

For correctional officers, taught by correctional professionals, this course will provide realistic ways to lead effectively in their agencies.

  • Defining authority and leadership
  • Remembering Your “Why”
  • Leading Your Peers
  • Leading Up in the Organization
  • Difficult Conversations – Why, How, When
  • Leading Yourself
  • What You Leave Behind – Your Legacy

Appropriate Audience: Any agency member who is NOT in a formal leadership position.

Class Length: 8 hours. 

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