Legacy: Building the Bench Through Succession Planning

Leaving the organization in a better way than we found it is a driving force for most leaders.  The way we invest in the development of the women and men who will succeed us is the foundation of our legacy.  In this workshop we’ll explore ways of objectively identifying critical positions in the organization. We’ll look at critical competencies of those positions and take a hard look at position descriptions.  Participants will learn to rate organizational talent using a time tested method and create Individual Development Plans and career maps to build talent who are ready to take over in the near term and lead into the future.  

  • Initiate a Succession Management Program
  • Identify key positions in talent pool
  • Evaluate organizational talent
  • Determine developmental needs
  •  Develop and implement a succession plan
  • Evaluate an organizational Succession Management Program

Duration: 8 Hour

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Joe Willis
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