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Scenario Development

The day for reality-based training is quickly approaching. And you have been tasked with developing the scenarios that will be used on that incredibly important day. But you, for lack of a better term, have writer’s block. You want the training to be impactful, but you are at a loss.

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The Final Draft Fallacy

In addition to law enforcement training classes, I also am privileged to teach undergraduate classes at Madonna University. I enjoy teaching. Grading – not so much. And there is one thing that makes grading nearly maddening – first drafts. Not that there is one. But that one is submitted for

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Sterile Cockpits

I know – I’ve been referring to the aviation industry a lot recently. Part of the reason is that so much of my research has led me to that industry. And part of the reason is that I’m a dork – I think planes and flying are cool. One of

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Yesterday (as I write this blog), Miguel Cabrera achieved something very special – his 3,000th hit. In fact, when you couple it with his 502 home runs, MVP awards, and Triple Crown accomplishment, he is in very, very rare company. I was at a Tigers game yesterday. Unfortunately, it was

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The Other Side of the Coin

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, I went to the police academy. Ok – it was a long time ago but not far away. But even as long ago as it was, I still remember defensive tactics training. And one of the things that I

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Need, Nice, Why

I don’t know about you, but I can be somewhat impatient. Ok, ok. I can be downright a pain in the keister if I feel that my time is being wasted. In the spirit of complete transparency, I am often the biggest waster of my time – which has led

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