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Preparing for the Future

Teachers should prepare the student for the student’s future, not for the teacher’s past. -Richard Hamming If you have ever attended our Transformational Trainer course you are aware of the power of a properly constructed story. Science shows us that stories are one of the most powerful tools that a

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Balls and Strikes

I am a baseball fan. Some might even call me (accurately?) a baseball dork. I love the game. And I love the stats. I love the quirkiness of some of the players and the rituals some go through before and during games. To me, it truly is America’s pastime. One

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Discretionary Time

In my last blog, Communication: It’s About Time to Remove the Reactionary Gap from Training, we talked about what we consider the number one rule for effective communication, which is “always communicate for a position of advantage”. We discussed the concept of the reactionary gap and why teaching officers to

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Preventative Maintenance

“Clean, clean windows.” Walt Disney During my time in the Army, the most dreaded phrases to come out of my platoon leader’s mouth included the acronym PMCS. When any of us heard that phrase we knew that tedious and, in least our mind, useless work was about to commence. My

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How Will the Value of Your Days Be Measured?

How do you want to be remembered; by whom and for what? These questions are more important than you can know right now. If policing is not just a job but a calling for you, these questions will matter when you are no longer on the field of play. Dr.

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Communication: It’s About Time to Remove the Reactionary Gap from Training

In an earlier blog entitled “It’s Time to Think CLEAR About Officer/Citizen Encounters”, we introduced you to an approach to police interactions designed to increase officer safety while simultaneously increasing the quality of contacts officers have with the public.  Each letter in C.L.E.A.R. represents a critical element in officer safety. 

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