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Communication: It’s About Time to Remove the Reactionary Gap from Training

In an earlier blog entitled “It’s Time to Think CLEAR About Officer/Citizen Encounters”, we introduced you to an approach to police interactions designed to increase officer safety while simultaneously increasing the quality of contacts officers have with the public.  Each letter in C.L.E.A.R. represents a critical element in officer safety. 

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What You Feel Inside

Confession time – this is where my dorkiness is about to be displayed front and center. With that said I was on a plane this week. As usual I had my headphones on and was listening to music. My playlist is varied to say the least and at one point

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Commander’s Intent

What is the desired outcome of your officer’s daily activities? What does a successful day in the life of a dispatcher look like? What needs to happen to declare the efforts of your investigators a success? More importantly, do your people know? Too often our folks go about their business

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Checkbox Training

We have all been there. The training that everyone is mandated to attend. No one is really sure why it’s necessary. Heck, even the instructors question the need for it. But, deep down we all know why we were there – because there was a box to be checked. Checkbox

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When the Game Changes

I sat down with my boys the other day to play a game of Uno with them. We have been playing lots of games over the past few weeks. I love playing games, grew up playing games. I’ve been playing Uno for as long as I can remember (that’s a

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Information + Application = Transformation

Every day we are exposed to an endless amount of information. Much of that information is of limited value. The questions is, what do we do with the information that does have value? Do we actually apply the things we’ve learned? You see, the problem is not that we’re not

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