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Checkbox Training

We have all been there. The training that everyone is mandated to attend. No one is really sure why it’s necessary. Heck, even the instructors question the need for it. But, deep down we all know why we were there – because there was a box to be checked. Checkbox

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When the Game Changes

I sat down with my boys the other day to play a game of Uno with them. We have been playing lots of games over the past few weeks. I love playing games, grew up playing games. I’ve been playing Uno for as long as I can remember (that’s a

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Information + Application = Transformation

Every day we are exposed to an endless amount of information. Much of that information is of limited value. The questions is, what do we do with the information that does have value? Do we actually apply the things we’ve learned? You see, the problem is not that we’re not

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Bigger Than Me

Things are tough right now. I can hear you thinking right now, “Why do I need this chucklehead to tell me that? Things suck right now.” And, truth be told, you don’t need me to tell you that right now. So, why did I tell you that? Because as trainers

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Public Safety Should Not Be Average – Ever!

When someone dials 911 they are not expecting average! In their hour of need, they are expecting our best effort – always. Whether it’s the 911 operator, the police officer, the fire fighter, or EMS, the caller is expecting the best of the best. Average is about the best of

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Suicide Prevention Month

This is not an easy blog to write. September is National Prevention Awareness Month. It’s ironic that September is the month where suicide hit closest to home for me. The incredibly brave people that are in law enforcement today are taking a beating. Physical beatings while crowds of people stand

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