Information + Application = Transformation

Information + Application = Transformation

Every day we are exposed to an endless amount of information. Much of that information is of limited value. The questions is, what do we do with the information that does have value? Do we actually apply the things we’ve learned? You see, the problem is not that we’re not learning, it is that we’re not putting action to our new-found knowledge. Remember, Command Presence training is heavy on the notion that success requires action. Learning is intentional.

Whether you find your information at a training class, in a book, on-line, or in a blog, if you’re not actively using it to better yourself as an employee, or develop as a leader, or change your organization as a whole, you’re wasting your time.

I once heard this formula for growth, “Information + Application = Transformation.” In other words, it is not enough to just have the information. Information alone will not benefit you or anybody else unless and until it is applied. It is the application of the new information that leads to transformation. Transformation is growth. You may argue that this wouldn’t work at your organization, or in your work group. Here’s the thing. This isn’t about them, at least not yet. This is about you! This starts with you. We already know this much, nothing is going to change if you’re still thinking or doing things the same way, so let the change start with you. In time, you may be surprised at the trickle effect this will have on the rest of your organization. Leadership, with or without rank, is about setting the example for others. People will be more impressed by what you do rather than what you say. Besides, transformation has to start somewhere: If not you, then who; if not now, then when?

“Information + Application = Transformation” is one of those “bumper sticker” quotes that is easy to remember and can absolutely make a difference in your life. Now you have a new piece of information. The question is, will you use the formula and apply it?

Live intentionally.

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