Designing Exceptional Training Programs

Designing court defensible, evidence-based training is the cornerstone of enhancing officer performance and safety, while also protecting agencies from accusations of “failure to train”. Much of law enforcement training focuses on the quality of the instructor, but even the best instructors must have solid content to deliver to ensure peak performance of their officers. This course is designed to provide the law enforcement instructor with a simple toolbox to design law enforcement training (in any topic) in accordance with a validated Instructional System Design (ISD) process.

Through guided discussion and practical exercises, participants will learn:

  • What Should We Teach? Determining Training Needs and Gaps
  • Instructional System Design: The Roadmap to Successful Training
  • Why do we know what we THINK we know? Determining Valid Resources
  • Lesson Plans: They’re Really Necessary!
  • Designing Effective Handouts: Stop Making Copies of the Slides!

Duration: 8 Hours

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Meet the Trainers

John Bostain
Michael Warren
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