De-Escalation: Strategies for Best Possible Outcomes

In the wake of several high-profile encounters between police and citizens, there has been an increased demand for enhanced police training and reform, specifically on the topic of de-escalation. Unfortunately, de-escalation has been misrepresented and misunderstood by many in the community and the profession. This course is founded upon empirical research that provides officers with tools and tactics intended to achieve the most desirable outcomes during law enforcement encounters. This course balances the need to effectively engage with people in crisis with the need for officers to keep themselves and others safe.

We will focus on:

  • What is de-escalation and how should it be trained to increase both public and officer safety?
  • A holistic approach to dealing with people in crisis that goes far beyond just effective communication skills.
  • Seeing de-escalation as an outcome – not as a single tool or tactic.
  • Understanding that de-escalation is not something that can forced upon someone.
  • Recognizing that de-escalation is dependent on the totality of the circumstances and is not appropriate in all situations.


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