Dan Greene is a proud and happy family man out of the State of Arizona. He is a 20 year veteran of the Chandler Police Department located in the greater Phoenix area. For the past eleven years Dan has been a Patrol Sergeant working the streets in Field Operations. Dan’s background is deeply rooted as a Law Enforcement Trainer. Dan has been a certified LE Instructor since 1998 and has taught a variety of topics to include Ethics, Report Writing/Communication, Patrol Tactics and Leadership.

For the last seventeen years Dan has served as Use of Force Instructor at his agency as well as at the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy. Dan took part in creating and was a member of his department’s Use of Force Review Board where he helped evaluate tactics, techniques and decision making. For five years Dan supervised the department’s Use of Force training and helped develop and mentor Use of Force instructors.

Dan has an extensive history in developing personnel. For a combined fifteen years Dan has either worked as a Field Training Officer, or managed the Field Training Unit as it’s Sergeant or has worked as a Sergeant in Training mentor for newly promoted supervisors. Dan is also a Subject Matter Expert for the State of Arizona in Instructor Development. Dan teaches at General Instructor Schools as well as coaches and evaluates future SME’s in this field.

Additionally, for the past five years Dan has served both as an Executive Board Member of the National Association of Field Training Officers (NAFTO) and the Vice President of the NAFTO Arizona State Chapter. In 2017, Dan was honored to be recognized as the ILEETA Trainer of the Year.

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