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Not By Chance Leadership Course

Effective leadership does not happen by chance. Whether you are a front-line supervisor or the chief executive of an agency, leading high-performance teams to accomplish the mission must be done with intentionality. Not by Chance Leadership will look at using the concept of transformational leadership as a way to help leaders become inspirational change agents that can help create a culture which breeds success at all levels of the organization.

Through guided discussion, case study, self-assessments and small group exercises, participants will learn:

  • How leading yourself could be the most important factor in a leadership role
  • Getting your team on the path to a shared vision
  • Squeezing creativity out of ALL employees
  • Communicating up and down the chain by answering the dreaded question “Why”
  • Why creativity and collaboration are essentials for policing in the 21st Century
  • Why treating people with value will build a culture of trust and honesty
  • Taking ownership of everything we do

Duration: 8 Hours