Officer Safety

Take It

“Next time take the space,” I heard the coach yell to my son’s teammate. This was after the young man had kicked the ball even though he had plenty of open space to maneuver. But it got me to thinking, how often have we failed to take what is offered to us? Too often we …

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Crossing the Lines

I just finished reading an article over on Police1 that really concerned me. The article covers an incident where three officers were shot DURING a pursuit. Thankfully it sounds like the officers will be fine. What worries me (besides the increased number of and level of violence directed at law enforcement officers) is the variety …

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I Know

“I know!?!?!?!” Most of us with kids have heard this phrase from our kids. It is often spoken in an exasperated tone and followed by a roll of the eyes. Which elicits another response – but that’s for another blog. If you know, then why are we having this conversation? And that also frustrates me …

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I was fortunate this week to spend some time this week in Georgia. The Cobb County Police Department was home for a couple of days of training. And, my oh my, their training facility is UNBELIEVABLE! If you ever get the chance to train there – do it! But there was also a surprise when …

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