Benefit of the Doubt

Without a doubt, the courageous folks in law enforcement have lost the benefit of the doubt with regards to public opinion. Where officers once were presumed justified in their actions, it is now presumed in the mind of many that it is just another case of officers abusing their authority. As much as it troubles …

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Down Time

It was reported this week that Nike, the shoe and sports clothing giant, is closing their corporate offices for a week. Not because of COVID, or restructuring, or anything seemingly business-related. In fact, they did it so their employees could focus on their personal mental health. Now I am not advocating that public safety agencies …

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Beyond the Open Door

“I have an open door policy” seems to be one of the requirements of those who gain formal authority in an organization. It’s possible that it’s one of those non-negotiable tenants that one must accept in order to get promoted. Now don’t get me wrong – I support the intent behind the open door policy. …

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Left or Right

We are big fans of Left of Bang – one of the most, if not the most, officer safety books that has come out in the past decade. There is so much in there that can enhance the way that officers perform their daily tasks. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to. In …

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