No Guarantees

“A good process can lead to good outcomes, but it doesn’t guarantee them.” -Seth Godin We have said it before, but it bears repeating – we think that the folks in law enforcement are some of the best, most dedicated individuals on the planet. Those that we are blessed to interact with are professionals committed …

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Balls and Strikes

I am a baseball fan. Some might even call me (accurately?) a baseball dork. I love the game. And I love the stats. I love the quirkiness of some of the players and the rituals some go through before and during games. To me, it truly is America’s pastime. One of the basic components of …

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Commander’s Intent

What is the desired outcome of your officer’s daily activities? What does a successful day in the life of a dispatcher look like? What needs to happen to declare the efforts of your investigators a success? More importantly, do your people know? Too often our folks go about their business with no real understanding of …

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Now Finish It!

We love America! All of our Command Presence Instructors are either current or former law enforcement officers and many are military veterans. We believe that America is the greatest country on earth, and we are blessed to live here. So, we definitely enjoyed the 4th of July holiday and celebrated our freedom. As I was …

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