Instructor Development

Useless Minds

“A panicked mind is a useless mind.” –Laurence Gonzales It’s useless because it brings nothing to the table. It doesn’t contribute to the solution. In fact, it can make the situation worse. Why, then, do our officers panic? Quite simply, they aren’t prepared. Their mind isn’t prepared for whatever the situation is that they are …

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“You must earn the right to be confident.” – John Wooden John Wooden, one of the most successful basketball personalities of all time talked about earning the right to be confident. If there was anyone who was justified in being confident, he would certainly be the one. But how does one earn that right? What …

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By definition, overconfidence leads to risky behavior and inadequate preparation. – Seth Godin Overconfidence, perhaps another way of describing complacency, is something that all trainers should guard against. Not only for themselves, but also for those whom they train. Personally, trainers must be careful of overconfidence in a couple of ways. First, we must be …

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