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It is pretty well known (or should be) that cramming is one of the most inefficient methods of preparing for a test. We tell our students they shouldn’t cram. That they shouldn’t wait for the last minute to prepare for a test. Or prepare for an assignment. Yet they do it anyway and we become …

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I am on airplanes a lot. And I don’t mind it. I actually really love flying. So it may come as a surprise to you that I have recently become obsessed with the TV documentary series, “Air Disasters.” The show looks at – surprise, surprise – incidents involving planes. But it doesn’t stop with the …

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You’re sick. Really sick. And to be honest, the doctors really aren’t sure what’s wrong. But you’re getting worse. Probably pretty important that the doctors conduct the proper tests so the correct diagnosis can be made – wouldn’t you agree? When your agency or one of its members is “sick,” it’s also important that we …

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