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Let’s talk football – again. I know we’ve written about it several times, but it is football season. And goodness knows there is a lot that can be learned from the world of sports. This past weekend we were at the fields again for a day of games. One game, in particular, was a bit …

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That Feeling

You know that feeling you get when you go someplace new? That feeling of being unsure of where you’re going or what’s acceptable or not? I get that feeling a lot with my job. I am blessed to be able to travel all over this great country training law enforcement. But that travel often brings …

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A tree that is unbending is easily broken. -Lao Tzu Seth Godin published a blog on July 5, 2021, entitled Rigor and Rigid. A relatively short post but one that really got me thinking. In his blog, Seth points out that something that is “rigid” is easy to describe. Boy, is that true. When we …

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Useless Minds

“A panicked mind is a useless mind.” –Laurence Gonzales It’s useless because it brings nothing to the table. It doesn’t contribute to the solution. In fact, it can make the situation worse. Why, then, do our officers panic? Quite simply, they aren’t prepared. Their mind isn’t prepared for whatever the situation is that they are …

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