Bigger Than Me

Bigger Than Me

Things are tough right now. I can hear you thinking right now, “Why do I need this chucklehead to tell me that? Things suck right now.” And, truth be told, you don’t need me to tell you that right now.

So, why did I tell you that? Because as trainers you need to understand that from the perspective of the people you have been entrusted to train. These folks must go to work every single day while they are being vilified by the media and many within the community. Working in that type of environment is incredibly challenging. And, if not managed properly, can actually make the more susceptible and vulnerable to attacks that threaten their physical safety.

What can a trainer do to address this issue? After all, we are only(?) charged with delivering instruction on a topic like firearms, first aid, or defensive tactics. But when we look at it like that it is likely that our folks are looking at it the same way. And it’s way more than just “only”.

We need to tie what we are teaching to something that is bigger than us. Something that is part of our “why”. Something that takes the topic from the classroom and puts it in the real world.

Take tourniquet training for example. Too often we (I have my hand raised in admission) treat this type of training with indifference at best and disdain at worst. We bemoan having to go through the motions of putting the tourniquet on our partner’s arm or leg. But what are we actually training for? Saving someone else’s life! Or maybe even saving our own life! I daresay that Deputy Claudia Apolinar understands this. In case you don’t recognize her name, she was one of two deputies shot earlier this week in Los Angeles. Though severely wounded herself, she is credited with saving the life of her partner by applying a tourniquet to his arm. Incredible hero!

If you as a trainer can tie what you are training on to something bigger than you, than me, than any individual, you will likely get much better results. It takes a concept from the abstract classroom world to the world where it is needed – happens to be the same place where they work. A trainer should do more than just deliver information, they should motivate and inspire. Your people deserve it.

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