Michael Warren

Be Sure You’re Reaching Your Audience

Government budgets are taking a hit – correction, a big hit. One of the byproducts of this economic fallout, created in large part by the Covid pandemic, is the reduction of police training budgets. Of course, it seems that training budgets always take a hit when money is taken away from law enforcement agencies. But … Be Sure You’re Reaching Your Audience Read More »

Losing and Winning

I remember clearly my high school basketball coach speaking (yelling?) to us during a timeout. You see, we were ahead by a sizable score to begin the second half. Yet, here we were in the fourth quarter barely holding on to our lead. The reason – we had slowed down our pace trying to milk … Losing and Winning Read More »

Avoid the Corners

“…officers then kicked him repeatedly and beat him with batons for a reported 15 minutes. The video showed that more than a dozen cops stood by, watching and commenting on the beating.” “Residents set fires, looted and destroyed liquor stores, grocery stores, retail shops and fast food restaurants.” Are these quotes from today’s news coverage? … Avoid the Corners Read More »

Following the Army’s Lead

In August 2019, the Army Times announced that the United States Army would be introducing a new firearms qualification program. Todd South wrote in the article that the new program would be replacing one that has been in place since 1956. According to the author, soldiers have until October 2020 to learn the new program … Following the Army’s Lead Read More »

The Compounding Effect

Financial experts all agree – the sooner you begin saving for your retirement, the better off you are. It is mind boggling the power of making regular deposits early in our adult lives can have on our retirement funds. And it’s all because of the power of compound interest – earning interest on interest earned.  … The Compounding Effect Read More »

We Are Our Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keeper

We love the thin blue line family. In our humble opinion, the two most honorable professions are the military and law enforcement. Both fields represent courage, sacrifice, and a desire to serve others. The people who dedicate themselves to public service truly are heroes. Yet, even heroes sometimes stumble. Sometimes it is because someone not … We Are Our Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keeper Read More »

Hope Is Not a Plan

“I sure hope…” How many times have we heard (said?) this during our law enforcement career? We are once again forced to raise our collective hand here at Command Presence. Too many times we have relied upon the “hope fairy” to carry us through a particular situation. Now we aren’t against hope – people, groups, … Hope Is Not a Plan Read More »

From Snoozer to Engagement

The training order you’ve been hoping for finally comes out and your name is on it. You have been trying to get to this training session for what seems like forever – and you’re finally going! But, during your first break in the class you’re a little concerned. The speaker isn’t even close to what … From Snoozer to Engagement Read More »

The Day

 “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” – Mark Twain  Rarely does a day go by that a video emerges of some fantastic feat performed by a member of American law enforcement. The folks that wear the badge truly are a … The Day Read More »

Going Beyond the Spec

Seth Godin recently published a blog entitled “Better than it needs to be.” Six simple paragraphs, six paragraphs that punched us in the gut because we have been guilty of this ourselves. The motivating thing is, though, that it truly is the simple things that gets the biggest return. Seth wrote in the blog of … Going Beyond the Spec Read More »

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