After the Dust Settles:
Conducting Effective After Action Reviews

People will get more out of an effectively conducted after-action review (AAR) than the experience itself.   An AAR is a professional discussion of a training or operational event that focuses on identifying what happened, why it happened and ways to improve.  They provide us an opportunity to contextualize an experience and facilitate learning. Without them participants will learn, but do they learn what the organization needs them to?  AARs give us the ability to leverage the way an individual experiences an event to enhance the learning for that individual and collect lessons learned to improve the organization.

  • Facilitate an After Action Review (AAR)
  • Explain how AARs activate reflective thinking to develop decision making ability
  • Employ effective facilitation and group management techniques
  • Effectively communicate outcomes of After Action Reviews with stakeholders
  • Integrate AAR outcomes into policy and training
  • Objectively discuss (CLEAR) Communication, Legal Authority, Effective Use of Emotional Intelligence, Adaptive Decision Making, and Respect used during law enforcement operations.

Duration: 8 Hours

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