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The Transformational Trainer

Enhancing Officer Performance

Regardless of subject matter expertise, the role of the trainer is to enhance the performance of their officers. The Transformational Trainer is an instructor enhancement program designed to help you focus on the “how” to train not just “what” to train. This program is designed so instructors can teach officers how to increase their safety, while improving the quality of contacts they have with citizens. Through guided discussion, case study, self-assessments and small group exercises, participants will explore:

  • Characteristics of the Transformational Trainer
  • The Think CLEAR Approach to Law Enforcement Training
  • Common Training Myths and How to Correct Them
  • Eliminating “Death by PowerPoint” in Training
  • Instructor Styles: Creating Engagement in Training
  • Officer Centered Feedback for Enhanced Performance
  • Designing and Developing an Effective In-Service Program