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Essentials In Correctional Excellence

Professionalism: Going Beyond Inmate Supervision

Corrections Officers work in one of the most physically and mentally challenging areas of law enforcement. The 21st Century Corrections Officer must possess the physical, cognitive, and communication skills necessary to increase officer safety, while still ensuring the safety of those they supervise. That’s why Essentials in Correctional Excellence was created. Through guided discussion, case studies, and video review, officers will explore:

  • Awareness: Going Beyond “Keep Your Head on a Swivel”
  • Emotional Intelligence: What Pushes Your Buttons?
  • Conflict Resolution Skills to Increase Safety
  • Enhanced Decision Making Under Stress
  • Elicitation Skills and Deception Detection
  • Understanding Inmate Profiles: The Key to Officer Safety


What is Think CLEAR?

The Think CLEAR Approach to Law Enforcement Professionalism provides a simple approach to officer/citizen contacts that can increase officer safety while also increasing the quality of contacts they have with citizens. By addressing the areas that most often lead to officers “going viral”, we can enhance officers’ physical and career survival; a true win/win for the modern day law enforcement officer.